LaVelle's Newsflash with a Splash

Sept .19-23**947-7869 8566

Setting Sail!

Volunteer Opportunities: I have developed an ongoing signup. The sign up states Tuesday morning would be great for a volunteer to come in and help sort, cut, read, and assist. I am hoping Tuesday morning works for volunteers. If it is a conflict yet you would like to volunteer please email me. Flexibility is the key! As always Thank you!

Please connect to see what we are accomplishing!




In order to streamline communication please use email, student planner, or phone anytime you have a question, concern, or comment.

Why? I like to use my time wisely while at work and then focus on my family while at home. By utilizing 21st century technology to show how and what we are doing in the classroom is amazing and my hope is that you have dialogue with you child about what you see; however, for me to use each private messaging system that ties to FB or DOJO takes too much time away from other important tasks. Thank you for your understanding.

Canoemobile Study Trip & Community Events

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 2pm

Lake George, Hobart, IN, United States

Hobart, IN

We are looking forward to beginning our Social Studies Unit "Communities" by learning about and experiencing one of Hobart's beautiful attractions, Lake George!

Our trip is scheduled from 12-2. In order to make lunch time move quickly and smoothly, I am suggesting students bring a cold lunch for the day.

Please dress students for the weather! Also, it has been suggested that students bring an extra change of clothes/shoes incase we get wet and dirty.

You too can join in on the fun!

Community Events:
There will be a Hobart Community Paddle on September 24th from 10:00-2:00.

Afterschool Canoeing:

Each weekday evening from 9/19- 10/7 (except Wednesday) students and families are able to go back to Pavese Park from 3:30-5:30 for paddling.
*This means you can also take your family and friends canoeing.

Progress Reports

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 3:15pm

301 East 10th Street

Hobart, IN

Progress Reports will be available Friday, September 23, 2016. Please review, sign, and return the report on Monday 26, 2016.

Stay connected with your child's academic progress anytime by logging into Skyward. Did you know you can set up weekly notifications to be sent directly to your smartphone or email!

Communication Regarding Behavior

DOJO: is used to track student behavior throughout the day and allow parents to view infractions and more importantly the positive character traits the sailors possess.

CLIPCHART: At the end of the day, we move our clips based on DOJO points in multiples of 5. +5 to +9 points for the day allows sailors to move up to blue whereas -5 to -9 sailors are moved down to yellow and so forth.

BEHAVIOR STAMP in AGENDA: If a sailor marks "Excellent" they have moved to blue or higher on the clip chart. If a sailor marks "Satisfactory" they ended the day on green . If a sailor marks "Needs Improvement" they have moved to yellow or below.

Brick Tickets: These can be awarded to sailors from any faculty member and sailors are entered into a drawing.

Brickie Points: As a class we can earn 12 pts. / day. This is a competition between every class in the school. Points are awarded for completion of expectations/utilizing proper procedures.


Students have been doing a good job bringing their Chromebooks to school fully charged each day! Thank you for encouraging your child to charge and be responsible with their technology. We use the Chromebooks daily for activities, lessons, and assessments!

I wanted to update you on the consequences if a sailor's Chromebook is not prepared daily. Classroom consequence is loss of DOJOS. School policy consequences are as follows: 1st offense warning 2nd offense Lunch detention meeting with principals.

We don't want any consequences, so let's keep up the great acts of responsibility!

Homework and Classwork


Spiral will come home due Friday but students will need to have it in their folder daily

Math Facts Packet will come home Monday for students who score below an 85% on any facts test due the following Monday

Math Lesson Homework will come home once all groups have gone through the lesson. Students will have copied from my agenda- Math HW due the following day

Weekly Assessments

Thursday-Multiplication Strategy Quiz

Friday- Sentence, Spelling, Math Facts

Classwork is the work that is assigned throughout the day. Students will have time to complete this work in class; however, there may be some days in which students may not finish. This work will be marked with PLEASE FINISH and is due the next morning.


I encourage all parents to set up a weekly updates in Skyward. This will assist in identifying and monitoring your child's academics! If at any time you receive a notification and have a question or comment please email me.


Social Studies: Communities


  • I can identify and spell words with vccv pattern.



















Digital Citizenship Recap!

How can we as parents, teachers, and society encourage positivity for our children and students in a digital world? Encourage safety and positivity even online!

Take a look at Rethink! This is a lesson for all, kids, young adults, and adults. Let's change our mindset. Pause and rethink what you typed. Pause and ask yourself if you would speak this way in person. Pause and inquire whether or not you would pick the phone up to state how you feel at this moment. Pause and ask yourself should I give this 24hrs. and see if I still feel this way. If it takes a program to jumpstart an epidemic of kindness behind the screen well then, let's go and be part of the solution!