Genetic Disorder

Type 1 Diabetes

What Happens

Can't produce Insulin for the body. (Insulin is a hormone that controls blood sugar)
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The organs that Type 1 Diabetes effects are heart,blood vessels,eyes,and kidneys ,Mouth,Skin,Nerve.

Kidney: Can damage blood filtering systems.

Eye: Damage blood vessels in the retina that can cause blindness.

Foot: poor blood flow and causes blisters,cuts if bad enough an amputation.

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The cause of the disorder is Unknown.

The chromosome that it is located on is 10p11-q11.

It can be Recessive or Dominant.

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To find Type 1 Diabetes the doctors do a test called Glycated Hemoglobin (A1C)

It cannot be diagnosed prenatal.


People with Type 1 Diabetes take medecation that has Insulin in it.

It cannot be cured but it can be managed with proper treatment.

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Who is most likely to have type 1 diabetes

You most likely find this disorder before you are 18 years of age.

1/10 people have this disorder.

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Type 1 Diabetes