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Welcome to The Bucking Chute!

Welcome to The Bucking Chute, the weekly online newsletter for athletic and activity programs at Russell County USD 407. In a rodeo, the moments before the gate on the bucking chute opens can be some of the most suspenseful moments of the entire event. The moments that follow, when the Bronco is turned loose, can provide some of the most exciting moments of the rodeo. We feel the same way about our Russell Broncos. We will send this out weekly as we lead up to the events of the coming week! It's a new adventure for us, and there will be some wrinkles to iron out, but we'll do our best to let you know what's going on in our world (which can represent the calf scramble in the rodeo, at times!).

Fall Sports are Underway!

Fall sports practices kicked off on Monday, August 16. The weather cooperated, and everybody was able to get their practices in, as scheduled!

Community Service Spotlight

RMS Volleyball - Simpson Elementary Landscaping

Head Coach Lena Walters and the RMS Volleyball team spent the morning of Aug. 17 at Simpson Elementary School helping spread mulch around trees and in flower beds before the start of the school year. Community service is an integral part of athletics and activities programs in Russell!
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Fan Ejection Policy

The Kansas State High School Activities Association is cracking down on poor fan behavior at athletic and activity competitions this season, and Russell is doing the same. KSHSAA has its own set of rules, but lets the local district have the first opportunity to enforce their own rules. So here's what you need to know as we jump into the 2021-22 season...

Fan Ejections: Any member of a Russell crowd, who is ejected from a game (by an official or an administrator) for unsportsmanlike conduct toward an official, or a participant, will face a one-game suspension. To be clear, they will not be able to attend the next game, whether it's at home or on the road.

Additionally, any member of a Russell crowd, who prompts an "If I hear one more word, that person will need to leave" scenario, from an official or an administrator, will be removed from that contest as a proactive measure. Quite simply, there is no reason for this behavior to reach that point.

A new KSHSAA rule offers a similar consequence.
"Any participant (player, coach, spectator) who is ejected for making contact with an official, or who is ejected for unsporting behavior directed toward an official, shall be subject to a non-appealable suspension from the next contest at that level, and for all contests at any level (in that activity) until the suspension has been served. Local school leadership may levy additional sanctions as they deem appropriate

It's very simple...please let the officials do their jobs, and leave them alone. KSHSAA has lost more than 500 officials across the state in the last year. We need to take care of the officials who work our contests.

Bold - Resilient - Open-Minded - Noticeable - Curious - Optimistic - Selfless


Rylan Reeves - RHS Volleyball

Rylan is a senior on the RHS Volleyball team, and is the team's only returning All-MCL selection from last season. She is a three-sport athlete, and has competed in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track & Field during her time at RHS.

Coach Nehls on Rylan...

"Rylan is a very talented athlete, she has received post-season recognition in each of the the last two seasons. Not only is she talented but she works hard in the gym, is supportive of her teammates and leads by example."

What Makes Rylan a B.R.O.N.C.O.?
"Rylan exemplifies the B.R.O.N.C.O. trait by being competitive and positive with her teammates. She wants what is best for the program, not just herself. She continuously wants to get better and to be challenged every day."

RHS is Recruiting National Anthem Singers

If you love to sing, and crowds don't bother you, we need to talk! RHS is looking for National Anthem singers for the upcoming sports season. Anybody interested should contact Scott Nuss, USD 407 Activities Director, at


Richard Dorzweiler - RHS Cross Country - Head Coach

Name: Rich Dorzweiler

Hometown: Catharine, Kansas

What's your Day Job? (i.e. What do you Teach?) I teach Spanish and Multiculturalism at Russell High School.

How long have you been in Russell? This is my 19th (I coached an additional season while student teaching at TMP)

What is something others may not know about you? Something that others might not know is that I have run on 4 continents and I have distant relatives in Germany that I communicated with as recently as five days ago

What's the best coaching quote you've ever heard? “A real coach knows that his primary responsibility is not to teach the mechanics of his sport, but rather the fundamentals of life. He prioritizes sportsmanship, and teaches his athletes to maintain integrity and class in victory or defeat. He instills honesty and a sense of fair play. His athletes learn the merits of hard work and enthusiasm as they observe him model these traits each day. He teaches them to be thankful for their abilities and to always do their best to utilize their gifts. His athletes learn to never give up in the face of adversity, and that their attitude is the only thing in life they have complete control over. A real coach knows that his ultimate goal is not to win championships or individual accolades. Instead, it is to teach a boy to become a man. He understands the only scoreboard that really matters is the one in his heart. For it is here that he sees the score that counts most…HOW MANY LIVES HE HAS TOUCHED AND CHANGED FOR THE BETTER. This is where a real coach finds his greatest reward.”-Coach Scifres

“The most powerful leadership tool we all have is our own example”-Coach John Wooden

Why do you love coaching? I love coaching because it is enjoyable to watch the mental and physical transformation of athletes. An athlete might start as a timid freshman or an individual new to running who does not trust in his or her capabilities, but by the end of a season and for sure by the senior year, the athlete gradually realizes and believes that what once seemed impossible has become possible. He or she has found a depth within to run with mental tenacity, even if that sometimes results in being exhausted at the end of a race, throwing up after a race or having to find another gear to edge out a competitor across the finish line. I also enjoy coaching for the privilege it allows to help encourage and shape athletes into young men and women who carry themselves with humility and class. Athletes who are willing to sacrifice self for the good of others both on and off the course or field. As this happens, athlete's talents are drawn out as team camaraderie grows and life lessons and values are internalized that will help them throughout life.

Fall Sports Preview Night

Friday, Aug. 27th, 5:30pm

565 State Street

Russell, KS

RHS will host its Fall Sports Preview Night on Friday, Aug. 27. It will be the general public's first chance to see the Broncos in action at the same time. When it's all over, bring your blanket, and relax on the RHS Baseball Field while enjoying a free moving.

Rather than charging admission to the Jamboree, we would like to suggest a donation of an 8-pack of Gatorade (or other Sports Drink) which will be given to the teams upon conclusion of the event.

Schedule of Events

5:30 p.m. - RHS Volleyball Scrimmage (Amos Morris Gym - East Court)

6:00 p.m. - RHS Football Jamboree w/ Ellinwood, Lyons, TMP (Shaffer Field)

(Cheer, Dance, Cross Country, and Girls' Golf Teams will be introduced between Jamboree sessions)

8:30 p.m. - Movie Night on RHS Baseball Field

RHS C-Team Volleyball Tournament at Phillipsburg

Saturday, Aug. 28th, 9am

240 South 7th Street

Phillipsburg, KS