Literature Censorship In Classrooms

Lauren Stone & Miguel Manley


Censorship: The use of the state and other legal or official means to restrict speech. 


Books can be removed from schools or libraries, although these bans do not extend outside of that area. The reason for books to be banned from school is if it contains drug use, sexual situations, profanity, racist content, and many other things that might contribute to the banning of books from a classroom.

Explain the rationale for exercising censorship with regards tot the topic.

We  believe that censorship in Literature classrooms are good because it helps you get a better view of the story. It also helps you understand how the character is either feeling or is they are at rage. Thats why we think its good in classes.

Explain the rationale for opposing censorship with regards to the topic.

Even though we agreed on censorship being good in Literature classrooms i also think that censorship can be bad. Even though it helps you learn whats going on in stories it can be effective on kids that have strict famlies and did not grow up around that type of language.



Situation #1

"The U.S Supreme Court ruled that students in public schools are entitled to the First Amendment Rights provided their methods of free expression are not disruptive or vulgar". "1988 the court revised its stance & ruled that public school administration can censor students speech in newspapers, year books, and other official school publication even if the speach is not disruptive or indecent."

Situation #2

" In January 2002, an 18 year old Joseph Fredrick of Juneau, Alaska was suspended for showing a 14ft banner that reads "Bong hits 4 Jesus" at an off campus school activity. THe principal, Deborah Morse said she could not allow him to promote the use of marijuana." " I wasnt trying to say anything about drugs" Fredrick  told the Washington post." " AlI was just trying to say something I wanted to use my free speech and I did it." " Although students have the right to say what they want, schools have the authoring to limit student speech that is disruptive to other students and teachers."

Situation #3

"Carlos Garcia, A veteran teacher at Washington Heights School who had been docked(fined) $15,000 for using a four letter Spanish swear word.His fine was slashed down to 1,000 by a Manhattan judge." "Garcia who teaches at the high school of International (business and finance was slapped with a huge fine for saying "c***" in front of several students."

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