Knowing How To Accommodate GTi

Educators Need to Update GTi Knowledge for Learners Sake

5 Myths About "Gifted & Talented"

  • 3 big ideas you learned
  • **Gifted students are good role models for other students and can provide a challenge for them in a regular classroom.

    **Students with learning disabilities cannot be considered gifted and talented.

    *"The National Association for Gifted Children reports that about 6 percent of the K-12 student population in the United States are academically gifted..."

  • 2 questions you still have
  • -Is there a "universal" tool or standard that can be used to adequately define and identify giftedness?

    -How can we help not only teachers BUT parents, too, to steer away from the stereotypical "GTi are the smartest learners" and highlight that they learn Differently?

  • 1 action you can take immediately
  • -Try to REALLY challenge a GTi learner in my class and not rely on their own knowledge to support themselves.