How to become a ...Band Director

By Marcus Lee


Do you like playing instruments and having fun?

I like this because I get to play instruments and play with kids. Can you imagine going to a school, seeing kids laugh and learn how to learn something that you like! I think this is a fun job because you get to work with people and teach them how to play an instrument.

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What to do as a Kid

“What do you have to do to get this job” Well first you have to play an instrument as a little kid. You have to learn how to play every instrument because if you don’t know how will you help another kid with their instrument theirs. Finally you have to do it throw junior high and high school. Another thing that you will have to do is go to college. I think the best college is Illinois state university. I say this because it is a college for teachers and is a great college to go to. How will I teach, Well you will have to be a student teacher first and go to band schools and learn from real band directors. Then after you master with that you will do more college and then you will get to be a band director.

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Day to Day life of a Band Director

What do I do Kids? Well you will have to teach them how to play their instruments. You will teach them the notes and the fingerings of the instruments so they can play them for a concert. A concert is when you play for a big amount of people and they listen to you play your instruments for the people. When you are teaching them you will sometimes will do fun stuff so they don’t get bored. If they get bored they might quit and they won’t come back to play their instrument. Also you will grade them on how they play and that will take up most of your day. Just always remember in your head have FUN! My schedule is 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade band. IN each of them I teach them music and they play it and then I fix it.

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Professionals in The Field

My Professional in the field is Mrs. Beddings band teacher. She went to Illinois state university. For this job she said you have to student teach for 1 semester in each grade. This includes 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th.When you are in college you have to learn to play all of the instruments, which is the band and string instruments. You have to have all A's and B's to become a band director because you have to be good at every thing. She chose this job because she liked it and she loves to learn new things. This is a great professional in the field that I think you should look up to because she taught me and I'm a great band director.

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I like this job because it is fun and I get to teach kids about fun music and playing instruments. Also I think everybody should do this because it helps kids get smarter and it is a way to have a fun time in school. I also spend time with it because it is fun and it helps the community get better. I say you should read this article because it teaches you stuff about band life and it is fun to read! Remember always have fun with the kids that you teach and let them make mistakes because you can help them!

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