Brilliant Brains Bulletin- K

Mrs. Rhodes- October

Current Studies and Explorations

Students have been learning how to make scientific observations using their five senses as we investigate properties of solids, liquids, and gases. We are still exploring states of matter this month even further! Students will be designing their own testable questions and conducting original experiments inspired by our studies. We will also be applying our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to the launching of film canister rockets! We will apply and further develop measurement skills as we learn about taking quantitative observations of matter.

a message from Mrs. Rhodes

The start to our school year has been great! I'm really eager to share with you what students and I are working on in the classroom during our time together. If you have turned in permission for your child to use a digital portfolio, please see the information I have sent home on how to connect to your child's Seesaw account, the platform we are using for our portfolios as a safe space to document student learning. If you did not turn in a permission form, I'm sending home another copy just in case you missed the others. Please contact me if you have any questions! Each child (with permission) has his or her own journal, and we will continue to add artifacts throughout the school year. You can receive notifications when your child adds items to the journal. Note that there are several options that include logging in through the web or through the iOS or Android app. I know as a parent myself that life gets busy, but I urge you to take time periodically to sit down with your child and talk about the things you see in the journal. Ask your child to tell you more about the learning that took place or the activities that surrounded it. Set goals. Reflect together. Challenge him or her to think about what's next or what new questions have arisen. This journal portfolio is such a great opportunity to look at how your child grows throughout the school year. From becoming a better oral and written communicator to solidifying scientific understandings, to capturing new moments of falling in love with learning, I hope this portfolio is a window into your child's unique story of our class experiences this year.
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