Pamlico Sound

By: Lane Shirley


East coast of NC

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Importance of Estuaries

This mixing of fresh and salt water creates a transition zone between land and sea known as an estuary. These are places where fish, birds and animals of all sorts gather to feed, find refuge, grow to adulthood, and stage migrations. Many commercially and recreationally important species depend on estuaries. So that's why there important.
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Plant and Animals living there

Submerged aquatic vegetation, marshes, mangroves, fish, shellfish, and migratory birds all live in this estuary.
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Rivers that Flow into the Pamlico Sound Estuary

Neuse River, tar river (only two that flow into the Pamlico sound)
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Threats to Estuaries

  • -Estuary margin development - population growth and coastal settlement.
  • -Increased demands for recreational uses - such as boating and fishing.
  • -Development in estuaries - such as marine farms and marinas.
  • -Catchment development - such as forestry and agriculture.
  • -Land clearance and reclamation.
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