Heracles (Hercules)

Jasmine Garza

God Name

He's a demi-god.

His roman name is Heracles.

Married, Siblings and parents

Heracles is the son of Zeus and Alcmene, the granddaughter of Perseus,. Hera, Zeus's wife , out of a jealous rage tried to kill Hercules and sent two snakes to his cradle, but Heracles was so strong that he strangled them. He married megara daughter of Creon. He killed them and his family.

he then won the hand of deianeria from the river god Achelous. out of a jealousy deianeria sent Hercules a garment covered in the blood of Nessus the centaur. the blood was poisoned and it burned his skin off and he died. his body was placed on a pyre on mt. oeta his mortal part was consumed and his divine part ascended into heaven. there he reconciled to hera and married Hebe .

where is he from?

Hercules was born in greece. When he grew up he lived in Thebes with his wife megara. After he did the 12 trials he lived in Italy.

where does he live?

After deianeria killed him with te poisoned garment he was accepted into mt.olympus by the gods.

God of...

After hs death, he was considered the god of strength.


  1. in art and literature Hercules was represented as an enormously strong man of moderate height huge eater and drinker, very amorous, generally a kind person but with an occasional outburst of brutal rage.
  2. his characteristic weapon was the bow but frequently also the club.The myth lives on in comic book heroes such as superman and spiderman men who use their enormously strength to rid society of evils and make the world a better place
  3. the knot of hercules.

Special talents, skills, or traits

Hercules was the strongest man on earth.

he had great self-confidence equal to the gods.

He was handy wth the bow and club.


His temper


Heracles is an important figure because he was an hero to many. He fought the god apollo and survived the 12 labours. Which included

  1. kill the Nemean lion
  2. kill the Lernean hydra
  3. Capture the cerynain hind
  4. Capture the Erymanthian boar
  5. clean the Augean stables
  6. kill the symphylan birds
  7. capture he Cretan bull
  8. capture the horses of Diomedes
  9. take the girdle of amazon queens Hippolyte
  10. capture the cattle of Geryon
  11. take the golden apples of Hesperides
  12. capture Cerberus
He was a very kind person and a great hero

My original symbol

Its his bow and club which he uses a lot in battle.