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Looking back...

February and March have flown by! The kids and I have had a great time exploring our "Digging Deeper Into Nonfiction Unit." I have really enjoyed getting to know their interests better. We have been studying various topics in book clubs. Book clubs meet face-to-face AND digitally. The kids have enjoyed using an online discussion forum called "Padlet" to post digital sticky notes to one another about their book club. We have also focused on finding the main idea, using text features, cause and effect, biographies, history texts, fact/opinion, and the author's purpose for writing a text.

In writing, students have been observing science experiments and writing lab reports with a question, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results, and conclusion. They have been using their five senses to observe and describe experiments in detail.

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April and may

In April, we will start our folk tales, fairy tales, and poetry unit! We will be working on retelling, finding the moral of the story, and comparing/contrasting different versions of tales from different cultures. In writing, we will work on how to read poetry looking for rhythm and rhyme. Students will learn about the patterns used in poetry and will get lots of chances to write their own poetry. They will learn about and write several different types of poems. I always love the poetry unit because it has very little rules and the kids have lots of room for creativity!

Important Dates

Nonfiction Unit Post Test - April 5/6

May 3 to May 23 - End-of-year Reading 3D Assessments (mCLASS)
  • This is the part of the year where we assess students' reading to see their growth in comprehension, fluency, and phonics. Students will be assessed by other teachers in second grade.

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