Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ~ Helene

My 2015 business success was ONLY possible because of my amazing customers/hostesses!

Whether you bought one necklace, hosted an event for me or attended a NEW shopping model the "online social," you made a difference. After 5.5 years with Stella & Dot, I was lucky enough find a second home business with another S&D brand, named KEEP Collective. We launched in January 2015 and business is booming! It is amazing to have a top notch company supporting us on the back end w amazing product, first class marketing and support that rivals big names like Nordstrom and Zappos. I love my S&D businesses!

Cannot wait to see what 2016 brings, I'll be bringing it to you live, you can count on that.

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So many ways to gift for the holidays (everyone needs a sweater/wine holder, RIGHT?!) or a present for her anytime!

All the best in the year to come... It's going to be great, I know it!!

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