The Dryden Red and Black

November 28, 2022

Wear Blue & Gold on Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 30, is the one year anniversary of the Oxford tragedy.

Wear blue and gold to honor our neighbors who were impacted by this event.

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Students of the Month

Congratulations to the November Students of the Month!

This month's theme is Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

7th Grade

Callum Brown

Liam Schultz

8th Grade

Brooke Dombrowski

Tyler Roberts

9th Grade

Zechiah Bryant

Cara Prusakiewicz

10th Grade

Ashley Duprey

Matthew Livingston

11th Grade

Madison Maday

Ian Weier

12th Grade

Abigail Johnson

Jackson Spencer

Blood Drive Thank you

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The Edge

Here is our fifth edition. In this edition, we learn about the new building expansion here at Ed Tech plus some other changes here around the building, the Veterans celebration featuring our Ed Tech Veterans and the North Branch High School Band, plus find out what Ed Tech students would have done if they won the big Powerball lottery and more.

Producer: Kyra Riggen (CFI)

Director: Christina Weeks (Almont)

Anchors: Kyle Swartz (North Branch) & Bethany Urbanek (Almont)

Reporters: Christina Weeks (Almont,) Nathen Duffano (CFI,) and Jackson Spencer (Dryden)

Congratulations NHS & NJHS Officers!

2022 - 2023 National Honor Society Officers

President - Audrey Napolitano

Vice President - Ava DeVlaminck

Secretary - Sophia Peter

Treasurer - Jackson Spencer

Historian - Tyler Biggs

2022 - 2023 National Junior Honor Society Officers

President - Caila Fitchett

Vice President - Cara Prusakiewicz

Secretary - Mikey Luciano

Treasurer - Penelope Spencer

Historian - Nick Abromaitis

Dryden Basketball at Little Caesars Arena!

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Did You Know?

by Claire Wright

Did you know that approximately 46 million people turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving every year?

Thanksgiving Trivia Contest

by Logan Korth

Ready to try something new? See how many questions you can answer correctly!

Volunteers Needed

Essay Contest Opportunity

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Senior Seminar Speakers

Four County Community Foundation

Lapeer County Community Foundation

by Evan Shirling

Last Friday we had the opportunity to hear from two speakers. One was a representative of the Four County Community Foundation, and the other was a representative of the Lapeer County Community Foundation.

These foundations are very similar. Both of them are big on helping students gather the funds that they need to attend college. They talked about how they have gathered the funds that they have. Families or individuals that have an exceptional amount of money often find the desire to give back to the community. They donate the money to these foundations hoping to help other people get the education they need. I believe that one of the foundations said that they have raised over $30 million.

These scholarships are available to a select few counties and schools including Dryden. There are numerous scholarships available. One of the scholarships is even specific to students that want to pursue engineering. I will be applying for that scholarship pretty soon. All you have to do is choose a topic from the list that they provide you with and then write an essay answering the questions. They look for unique responses that indicate a strong character.

I think that this is a great thing for them to be a part of. Both of them have been helping out with this program for many years now and they have given back thousands of dollars to the community. Overall, I think that the speakers did a great job discussing their roles in the

organization and the purpose that they serve.

Give where you live!

Four County Community Foundation holds several funds that award grants directly to your local community. Grants support your schools, your museums, your food pantries, your local parks and trails and so much more. Consider donating to your Community Fund today!

Your donation will come right back to your local community.

Help wanted!

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Class of 2023 Information

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Seniors: Sign up for Virtual Financial Aid nights here!

Students and families looking for help paying for college are encouraged to register for a Virtual College Financial Aid Night provided by the Michigan Department of Treasury’s MI Student Aid team.

Who's Hungry?

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by Kaeleigh Gourieux
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Substitute Teachers Needed!

Need help for the holidays?

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Winter Sports Preview


by Claire Wright

Bowling team members were asked to share their thoughts on the upcoming season.

  • Lily Finnigan: "This year is a fresh start for the bowling team. We got a new coach and we have little to no experience, so I think this year the goal is just to learn, build a team, and have fun with the sport. I’m excited to see the new things we will learn this season. We can only get better from here."

  • Mattew Livingston: "Based on the skill and experience of our new bowling coach, I think that I will do well with bowling this season."

  • Matthew Hickmott: "I think this season will be better as we got new coaches and we have some of the people returning from last year plus new people are expected to join in, so it will be a great season for all of us to get better with this new coaching."

  • Raseshell Richardson: "I think this bowling season is going to go well because Mr. Shute has new bowlers to work with. He also has the opportunity to help the bowlers that were on the team last year to get better so we can win our games and make it to the regionals."

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Positivity Project

This year, students meet in small groups with their grade level peers in 1st hour Junior High Advisory (grades 7-8) or High School Seminar (grades 9-12). Besides being a "home base" for students with a trusted teacher, these courses provide information on the Positivity Project's character strengths.

This Week: Kindness

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Sponsorships Available

You can be a part of Dryden Junior/Senior High School history! Becoming a Yearbook sponsor is easy and affordable. Your name will live on in our 2022-23 Yearbook for generations!
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Upcoming Events

Monday, November 28

6:00 PM-7:00 PM - Weight Training - all athletes

Tuesday, November 29

2:30 PM-4:00 PM - Homework Club - Room 133

6:00 PM-7:30 PM - JV Boys Basketball vs Lakers (Elementary School Gym)

6:00 PM-9:00 PM - JV/Varsity Girls Basketball @ Marlette - Bus departs @ 4:45 pm, JV game @ 6:00 pm, Varsity game @ 7:30 pm

6:00 PM-7:30 PM - Varsity Boys Basketball vs Lakers (High School Gym)

Wednesday, November 30

Wear it Wednesday - Blue and Gold Day

5:30 PM-6:30 PM - Costa Rica Informational Meeting - Library

Thursday, December 1

7:00 AM-7:15 AM - NHS Meeting - Room 331

6:00 PM-9:00 PM - JV/Varsity Girls Basketball vs Capac - JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

Friday, December 2

8:45 AM-9:45 AM - Senior Seminar Speaker - Wayne Haney, Farm Bureau Insurance

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Riddle of the Week

Every week a different riddle will be posted in the paper for you to solve. When you think you have the correct answer, submit it to us using the feedback doc at the bottom of that week's issue, along with your name. The first person to submit the correct answer will be given a shoutout in the following week's issue. The answer to the previous riddle and the shoutout can be found under each week's new riddle.

by Ava DeVlaminck

Last week's riddle: What has a neck but no head?

Answer: A shirt!

The first correct answer was submitted by Mikey Luciano

This week's riddle: There's a woman in a boat on a lake wearing a coat. If you want to know her name, it's in the riddle I just wrote. What is her name?

December 12

January 9

February 13

March 13

April 10

May 8

June 12

All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., will be held in the Dryden High School Library, and are open to the public.

Joke of the Week

by Ava DeVlaminck

Did you hear about the Italian chef who died?

He pasta way.

Mark Your Calendars!

Check out the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 Dryden Community Schools District Calendars here!

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The Team

Ava DeVlaminck - Editor

Lily Finnigan - Reporter

Kaeleigh Gourieux - Reporter

Kaitlynn Knuth - Reporter

Logan Korth - Reporter

Audrey Napolitano - Reporter

Penelope Spencer - Reporter

Claire Wright - Reporter


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