The followers of Islam are called Muslims

Islam religion

The day of Sabbath for Islam is on a Friday. The 6 major belief are the belief in Allah, belief in angels, belief in the holy book, belief in prophets, belief in the day of judgement and belief in predetintion. The five pillars of faith are Shahadah, sallah, zakat, saum, and hajj. These are five duities that every muslim is obliged to perform the five pillars of islam help. The place of worship is called a mosque. The worship leader is called a Imam. The holy book is called the Qur'an.Ramada is one of the Islam holidays. Ramada is the ninth month of islamic calendar. Ramada is when the verses of the quar'an were revoalld the prophet mahamad. Eidafitf is the festival of sacraifice which occurs 70 days after Eidalfitr. One common holy site is the Dome on the Rock.

Common Beliefs

All three of the religions belief in the God of Abraham.

All three religions are a Monotheistic religion.