Biomedical Engineering

By Cassidy

Branch of science

Biomedical engineering is in the life branch of science. It is that because in this job you are trying to invent thing that will help people to have better lives. Also because it has to do with living things.

The education path you need to take

In high school you should take four years of English, three years of math, three years of social studies and two years of science. You should also take biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science and programming, English and physics. For college you should take biomedical engineering. You'll be expected in college for 4-5 years

A school you can go to is Marquette University

I chose this school because it was the closest to home. It teaches the course biomedical engineering. It is in Milwaukee and it is in an urban setting. It is a private university. Also it is a four-year college. The student to faculty ratio is 14 and an average class size is 33 people.

Academic needs to go to this college

In order to go to this school you should get an ACT score of 24- 27. Also you should get an SAT score between 1100- 1339. This is just the average. There is some exemptions.

All about biomedical engineering

It combines the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to help advance treatments. If you work for hospitals and universities you should expect to work for 40 hours a week. You could either work in labs or offices.

Employment Opportunities

People in Wisconsin have very good employment opportunities and excellent employment opportunities nationally. Employment is affected by technological advances in medicine and government interest in controlling the costs of health care.

The average salary you will get

For entry-level people in Wisconsin on average you will be paid $24.70 an hour. Nationally for entry-level people you will be paid about $23.89 an hour. You can get paid better in Wisconsin then nationally.

An employer

An employer you can go to to get a job is Hyclone laboratories Inc. and it is in Green Bay.

I do not want this job some day

I don't think I want to go into any type of a medical field. A Pro is that you can help advance equipment that could save lives. A con is that I wouldn't be studying the things I'm interested in at college.

Thank you...

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