BCHS Staff Newsletter

February 15, 2016

Week in Review

Hopefully everyone was able to relax and accomplish some needed tasks over the 3 days weekend. My "needed tasks" list is shrinking, but still quite large with us moving. The excitement of my weekend was getting our kitchen counters finally installed!

Great job at our PD on Friday! I am very impressed with how productive these have been this year, and I really appreciate everyone's openness to try new ideas. My goal when creating these, is to try and still put myself in "Teacher Mode" and think, "What would help me if I were still in the classroom?". I also try and keep things as simple and practical as possible for you.

Great job today (Monday) by Roy organizing the TARA (Thumb Area Robotics Association) Summit at the elementary gym. We had 8 schools take part in our practice competition as teams get ready for our actual competitions in just a few weeks. It was great seeing all of the tasks our robot was able to complete, and it was also a great "eye opener" for all our members about where we want our program to get to. Also, thank you to our PIT Crew for running the concessions at this event to help bring in funds to our building!

Congrats to our Bowling Teams! On Saturday, at the Singles Tournament in Sandusky, we had 2 girls advance out of the qualifying round. Courtney Wheeler and Karley Wheeler both advanced, with Courtney taking overall 1st Place. She bowled a 191, 222, and 256! She beat the next closest bowler by over 100 pins! In the boys' competition, Tyler Gleasure and Phil Lowe both advanced. Phil ended up taking 3rd overall with a 620 series.

Congrats to Brad Gierman, Lukas Fortune, and Derick Daws for all advancing out of Individual Districts on Saturday! Brad took first place in his division!

Congrats to Jaelen Zschering who last week signed her letter of intent to play softball (catcher) at Schoolcraft Community College! This is a great accomplishment for her, and I know she has definitely earned it with all of the time and hard work she has put in.


The STEM Fair is on Tuesday in the elementary from 5:30-7:00. This is a great event for the elementary, and they would love for you to stop in and see what the kids have created.

January Incentive

Just a reminder to send me any topics you would like added for the Family Feud game. I will get a Google Form survey link out to you by the end of the week. Then we will just have the English department have students fill these in on Thursday or Friday. Lori has volunteered to help with creating the game and getting the information together for me (thanks Lori). I will let you know the day of the incentive. The plan is still the week of February 22, but haven't finalized the exact day yet.

Football Community Involvement

The football team, in partnership with the Marlette football team, will be collecting cases of water to deliver to families in Flint. They will be collecting these the week of February 22nd. The main collection day will be Friday, February 26th when our boys' basketball team plays Marlette. Anyone who brings a case of water will be able to use that as their admission into the game.
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Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • February 15--No School Presidents' Day
  • February 16-19--L. Burkowski Bus Duty
  • February 16--STEM Fair in Elementary 5:30-7:00
  • February 16--Student of the Week Linck (Any Grade)
  • February 17--Direct Study 6th Hour

  • February 22-26--R. Cushion Bus Duty
  • February 22--Student of the Week Mata (7th)
  • February 24--Directed Study 3rd Hour
  • February 25--10th Grade Career Center Visit

  • February 29--February Board Meeting

Homework Help Lab

Homework Help Lab will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Please announce this schedule to your students.

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings in Lori's new room. 7:15-8:00 am

This will cause some students to be past the double doors, but Jesse is there monitoring this and will let them up if needed. Also, any other teachers that have students coming for help in the morning, just have them let Jesse know when they ask to go up early. This will not be an issue, and I encourage you to work with your struggling students.

Tuesday/Thursday Afternoons in Library. 3:15-4:00 pm

Jarrod will be running the morning sessions and Lou will be running the afternoon sessions. Any other teachers are also welcome to help with this. Thanks.

Magic Club--Tuesdays and Thursdays

Super Smash Bros Club--Fridays

Parting Toughts

I hope that all of you were able to reflect on the portion of the PD about classroom management from Friday. This is one area of our instruction, that if we pay better attention to, can make our lives easier/better and our students' lives easier/better. This is also an area that we can tend to neglect at times. I realize we get a bit overwhelmed with all of the new expectations I have or the state has, but classroom management isn't anything new. My end goal after that portion of the PD was just for you to think about the following:

  • Is my classroom management working? If not what can I do differently to get different results?
  • Is my classroom management fair and consistent?
  • Do I collaborate with peers for better ideas about classroom management?
  • Do students know the routines of my room and what is expected when the bell rings?
  • Do I think about classroom management when creating my lesson plans?
  • Do I constantly send out the same kid(s) from my room? If so, do I need to change my approach with them to get better results? If so, what am I doing to make sure they get all the content in my room?

Most of you have very good classroom management (and it is evident you are constantly thinking about these questions), however, it is also good just to be reminded of these things from time to time. We are probably all getting to the point where you may feel that certain kids are pushing your buttons, and little reminders can help to get you back on track with these students.