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Coming From Long Island and New York

Newly Weds Tom and Daisy

The Wedding of Tom and Daisy was not truly for their love for each other. The main reason for their wedding and marriage was because they were both rich and had an upper class position in society. They had a very unstable relationship with each other and didn't have too many other common interests. When Daisy and Tom were just about to get married, a half-hour beforehand, Daisy had a breakdown and did not want to go through with it. Daisy and Tom were more in love with what their marriage represented to the community.

After their wedding, they had many fights and disagreements. For example, Look!" she complained. "I hurt it." We all looked – the knuckle was black and blue. "You did it, Tom," she said accusingly. "I know you didn't mean to, but you did do it. That's what I get for marrying a brute of a man, a great, big, hulking physical specimen of a– ," (Fitzgerald 6). Overall, this marriage shows that money cannot always bring fulfillment to your life. Also, it shows that real love is more vital than money and upper class in society. Truthfully, Tom and Daisy marriage was a mistake for both of them.

Gatsby's Luxurious Parties

“Come one come all” that might

as well be the slogan for this luxurious

man’s parties. Jay Gatsby, one of the

wealthiest men in all of West Egg sure

knows how to throw a party, and also

draw a crowd."Anyhow, he Gatsby gives large parties...and I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy." Says Ms. Jordan Baker. It is almost as if all of New

York gravitates to Gatsby’s mansion to

enjoy in the festivities that he offers at

this palace of joy.

Only naturally this party

offers many forms of entertainment, all

the way from fireworks to “dancers”.

There are many swimmers and people

who simply swim in Gatsby’s pool. Very \

few of these people that come to this

party seem to have or need any form of

invitation. They simply walk in and join

in on the wonderful festivities that are

offered at this great party.The people that come to these

parties aren’t exactly anybody either.

The list ranges from political leaders to

models. Making this one of the must go

parties to go to, in fact I would say that

this is the only party that I would say

you must go to.

Gatsby himself is an entrepreneur

that partakes in many of the stock

profit ideas of today, and must be the

explanation of his vast wealth. He

also owns a number of drug stores

throughout the city who are known for

having their own little “parties”. But

none of them compare to the one at


The amount of funds that

goes into this event must be in the

thousands, and of course it all “pays

off”. No doubt there is a reason why

everyone in New York wants and needs

to go to this party.

Mr. Wilson, Owner of Local Garage kills Gatsby then Himself

Less than 24 hours after Wilson's fiancé, Myrtle's death, Wilson murdered Gatsby then immediately committed suicide afterwards. Gatsby's butler stated that Gatsby was leaving the pool to answer a call when Wilson shot him from behind. Wilson then proceeded to aim the gun in his mouth and pull the trigger.

The rest of Long Island, most whom had enjoyed his parties, were glad to see the bootlegger dead. Gatsby's funeral will be held in his mansion a few days from now. We are all glad to see this bootlegger and murderer get what he deserves and are sad that Wilson took his own life overwhelmed from all the stress if the past 24 hours.

The Newly Found Crook, J. Gatsby Dies.

Jay Gatsby has passed away on August 12, 1922. Cause of death was
fatal gunshot wound to the chest killing him almost instantly. The
shooter was by a man named George Wilson. All across New York is
stirring at the death of the so called Great Gatsby! He is remembered
by only his father. The funeral was on September 10, 1922. Only few
showed up to his funeral because of unknown reasons, but we have the
answers. According to an inside source we have discovered almost
everything leading up to his death and his mysterious past.

Jay Gatsby or James Gatz as was his birth name grew up in rural North
Dakota where both his parents were dirt poor. He always had a dream of
living large and making a lot of money. As said "You could argue that he is described as above normal human existence where people are defined by their parents, at least in his imagination". Once he was seventeen he was taken in by a wealthy binge drinker named Dan Cody which he claimed was his chance for fortunes. He learned everything about acting wealthy, talking wealthy, and being wealthy. After his death he sought
out to become a wealthy man. He made his money by becoming an illegal
bootlegger and rose to riches from then on. He had loved a girl named
Daisy and sought out to love her until his death. There are still many
questions to be solved in the murder of Jay Gatsby, but what we do
know is that this man was quite the story of rags to riches.