Copacabana PS Technology

Term 1, Week1, 2014


Did you change your password before the holidays? Did it expire during the holidays? Here are a couple of sites you might like to have a look at to help you to create a really secure password.
I hope you weren't on the "worst password list!
If you scroll down the page, you will find a very easy formula to create a password which will take so long to break that "the Earth will have been engulfed by the sun before it's finished" and yet be easy to remember!

Australia Day

I have put together a whole pile of resources and activities, for Australia Day with some YouTube clips

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is Friday 31st January, 2014. Here are lots of resources to get the celebrations underway with your class.

The Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics start in Sochi on February 7th. Here are links to lots of resources and activities for these and the Paralympics Games also.

New English Curriculum

English Curriculum Links on the website.

Updated - units created by NSW teachers

Below each of the units, I have links to YouTube clips, information about the author, teacher notes and any other resources which were available for that particular book - for example "The Gruffalo" has these extra links...


Links to all the NSW ICT Capabilities for each Stage for English, Maths, Science and History.

Library Books!

Look out Cathy! I've had a great idea about what you can do with some of those old library books.........