Book report 3 Block 4 By: R.J. Palacio Madelyn Cerja


The main character in the book Wonder is a fifth grader who was born with a cleft palate and severe facial deformities. He has a beautiful blue eyes but no eyelashes or eyebrows. He has feelings like any ordinary boy his age. He has a sister named "Via". She is starting school at a new high school. August has been home schooled and now his parents want him to go to school. August is very smart and funny. He considers himself ordinary because he likes ice cream, rides his bike, and plays ball, but he doesn't feel ordinary on the outside. August would be the protagonist in the book because he is the main character.

The second character is Via, Her real name is Olivia. She is August's older sister who loves him very much. She is very understanding of her brothers needs. She figures things on her own, does her school work independently, and has some close friends from first grade. Via has always been known as the sister of a kid with a birth defect. She is happy to go to a new high school where nobody will know about her brother. Lately, Via feels her brother needs to grow up and her parents have to let him grow up. VIa is a supporting character.

The the third character is the mom. She is overprotective of Via and August. She has a hard time letting them be independent. She is also loving and caring. She taught and took care of August when he had surgeries. The mom is always there for the kids. She picked up August from school when he was sick. She also made his Halloween costumes. August and Via said she was a beautiful woman. The mom is a supporting character.


The theme of this book is don't judge a book by it's cover. The inside of a person is what matters. Everyone is different in his or her own special way and we should always treat others the ways we want to be treated!


The setting is taken place during August's 5th grade year in school. He goes to Beecher Prep School. It takes place during his 5th grade school year. The setting is important because in the beginning August is afraid to go to school where other people will stare at his face. He does make new friends at his new school but it takes a lot of work for the others to look past his face. By going to school he is able to grow up and do things on his own like going on a class trip without his family.


One object that symbolizes something is the teddy bear August sleeps with at night. When he is packing for the school trip his mom wants him to take it so he wouldn't be sad to be away from home. August decides to leave it on his bed at home with a note for his mom to read when he is away. By August leaving the bear for his mom he wants her to know he is ready to go away to camp without her. Mom will have something to hold onto while he is away.

Another object is the costumes. August loved to wear costumes on Halloween because he could hide his face behind them. It was the only time he could walk with his head up and didn't have to look down at the floor. Nobody would notice his face so he could be himself and not worry about them looking at his face and being afraid.


I highly recommend this book. It was very interesting, the way the author used so many details and the way it grabbed my attention. It has reminded me to look at people on the inside rather than the outside. We all have feelings and can't always change the way we look. The world would be boring if we all looked the same. This book is great for kids my age to read because we need to remember people are people and we all have a special place on this world...
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R.J. Palacio

The author of Wonder is R.J.Palacio. This was her first novel to write. She wrote the book based on a personal experience. Her children were frightened by a another child with a severe facial deformity. She felt she should have handled the situation differently with them. Instead of talking to her children she just left the shop where they were. She began to write the book that night.
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