Life-Taking, Stupid, Destructive

Short and Long-Term Side Effects

LSD gives you flashbacks, you can see things that aren't there, severe migraines, nausea, very little sleep, metallic taste on tongue, and suicidal thoughts.

The Risk Of Taking it

LSD disrupts the the brain and the spinal cord. Doing that, it can disturb the brain and it puts abnormal thoughts in it.

The Discoverer

A Swiss chemist name Albert Hoffman had discovered it and gave himself a large dose and he died.

Where is it Mostly Used?

The drug LSD is most commonly used in the UK.

What Type of Drug is LSD?

LSD is a hallucinogen which means you see things that aren't there.

How is it Taken?

LSD is a small pill which can be taken, also you can rub it against your skin.

Where was it First produced?

It was solely made in Sandoz Labrotories in 1947 and then migrated to North America.

Why Do People Use It?

People use drugs to act cool. But there is nothing cool about any drug.

An LSD Story

One time in my mom's high school she knew this kid that did LSD and then one day he climbed three stories high up a stairwell and jumped off because he thought he can fly. The result of that did not end so bad because he did not die, however, he suffered multiple broken bones, fractures, and dislocations.