Monochromatic Landscape

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier By: Robert Hansen

Elements and Principles

The element of design I used in the worm was value. I organized these to achieve the principle of design, unity. Unity is when you create a harmonious feeling by repeating an element throughout a work of art. I created value by using a monochromatic color scheme in order to fade from light purple to dark purple as i went down my painting.


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located in Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.It was created March 9, 1921. It was created to Honor the Unknown soldiers who fought for our country. It was build there because it is in close proximity to a very important cementary. It affect our culture because it shows how many people really don't get appreciation for what they do for our country.

Art and Design

Thomas Hesting Designed this Landmark. There are four of those tombs and they took a month to build each one of them. It is designed to look like a sarcophagus where Egyptians buried the Pharaohs. It took Cement, imagination, time and a lot of people to get this done.

Personal Thoughts

-Why did you choose this landscape?

-I thought it was cool how they honored the dead who were known to noone but God.

-Do you think this landmark is still relevant to our society? Why?

- Yes because it shows appreciation to soldiers who were not known.

- Should this landmark still be standing? Why do you think that?

- I think it should be standing. First, it shows respect to soldiers. Second, it shows our society that we do not show enough appreciation sometimes and that we need to get better at it.