The LOVEliest month!

Our FEBRUARY Team Challenge!

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Happy LOVE Month!

Hello ladies! We haven't known each other for very long, so you may not know about my absolute obsession with all things Valentine's Day! I am just in love with love, & I take the entire MONTH of February to celebrate everyone & everyTHING in my life that I love! This year, I'm lucky to be able to include my Stella & Dot career... & that includes YOU! So, let's take this short month & give it a big hug & kiss - there are big plans in the works here!
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January was, and is historically a slow month for EVERY business. In the higher education world, enrollment is always lower for Spring, & it's no different for our careers with Stella & Dot. With that being said, I set a high goal for our team and honestly, we weren't THAT far away! It's okay to not reach every goal, and it's okay to fall short every once in a while. The real lesson is in how fast we get up & try again - how we, as a team, persevere!

I'm happy to announce a NEW challenge but the goal will be the same: this team will hit SENIOR stylist by the end of February!

As I've said before, this is MY goal for our team - but I want YOU to share with ME! I am driving my car towards my goals, and you girls are in there with me - but, who's driving your car? I want it to be YOU! I will be in the passenger's seat the WHOLE way - whether you want it to be a short or long journey! So, use the tools in SDU, but more importantly - use ME to talk it out if you need! We have so many support systems at Stella & Dot and I promise you - you are NOT alone!

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Are you ready?!

What does this challenge bring to YOU?! Only the best for my lovely team...

$500 in retail sales: Qualified! You will now start to earn free business credits, hit your consistency mark and so much more... it's just the beginning!

$2308 in retail sales: Commission raise! You will make 30% of sales retroactively - you are not leaving ANY $ on the table!

Find the rest of the exciting Jumpstart rewards in your reports! Go to Reports > My Monthly Rewards!

MY reward to YOU... for every $2000 in retail sales THIS month - you will get $100 in product credits from ME, to spend at Stella & Dot to enhance your display and get the best sellers for Spring!

Let's DO this!

Here are a few things you can do this WEEK to get your business going!

  • Back to basics! Get that Who Do You Know list out - start writing down names and start to figure out the angle you'll take with your booking conversations! Start with an email or text, and follow up a couple of days later with a phone call. REMEMBER: on average, it takes 10 reach out's to book 1 - don't give up!
  • Use the gorgeous booking images in your Stylist lounge to help you BOOK! The trunk show exclusives for January have carried over until Feb 8th - so you still have Styled with Love and now Romantically Chic to use as booking tools!
  • Share the style through social media - wear your Stella & Dot loud and proud and post, post, post! You never know who is watching - your next hostess or even your next stylist? Probably!
  • Do some customer care calls for your past customers who have gotten their jewelry and are wearing it - give them a call, ask them if they are loving their pieces... and see where the conversation goes from there!

Here are some of my favorite tools, found in your Stylist lounge!

February Words to Say - copy & paste, add your own words and SEND! It's that simple - don't over think it!

February Training Call Calendar - I love listening to how others do it! If you miss a call, you can always listen to the playback - and this is where you can find it in your lounge!

Go out and get 'em, ladies! And keep me posted - have a wonderful week :)



Allison Nelson, Lead Stylist

I can't wait to hear from you this week about your goals - let's go get 'em!!!