Tight is a Good Thing!

Book in Tight Challenge! - Team Villarreal /May 2013

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Not talking about this kind of tight....

Why is this good for me?

* Avoids Cancellations, people know what they are doing next week...not next month!

* Easier to keep hostess engaged & excited!

* More room in your calendar for close bookings, every week you book for the next!

* Easy planning, higher sales, commissions, more rewards!

Book in Tight Challenge!

Win $150 dlls in free product credit!

You get one entry for every show you book between now and Sunday!

The more you book, the higher your chances!

Join us on the S&D Team Diamond Be-Dazzled Facebook Group and let us know about your bookings, I will keep updating the tables below and you upload your shows in the system!

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What do I need to do?

1. Check out Lindsay's Booking In Tight Video on our S&D Team Diamond Be-Dazzled Facebook Page!

2. Create a list of people to call with numbers and emails! Make it long!

3. Get in the right mindset! See video below

4. Hit the phones! Book! Share with us on Facebook and upload it in the system!

Before you know it...those $150 dlls in jewelry credit will be yours!

Harlem Shake | Stella & Dot
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You can do this! XO, Melissa