What is it?

Tornadoes usually form within a very large scale with a low pressure system. Winds that circle low bring warm and humid air one single direction to one other direction.
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There is a warning for tornadoes. They are named tornado warnings, also there is tornado watches, watches are when a tornado is may form within a certain period. a tornado warning is when a tornado has formed and moving on the ground.
The cloud that usually cause tornadoes are cumulonimbus clouds and funnel clouds.
Tornadoes with winds of 150 miles (240 kilometers) per hour can create horrific damage and death. The winds of such a tornado move both horizontally and vertically upward.
Precautions for tornadoes would be. If you know a tornado is possible, seek shelter that is in a substantial building. or go to the basement or to an area on the lowest floor. A closet or bathroom offers great protection.
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