William Shakespeare

By: Hayden

Famous for:

He was an actor and theater owner.
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Birth place

Stratfords Holy Trinity church, born April 23, unknown year.

Early life

Lived in Stratford upon Avon, England

Family life

Wife: Anne Hathaway Daughters: Susanne, and Judith Son: Hammet


New kings school
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Fun facts

He wrote at least 15 plays, He lived 459 years ago, he wrote more than 150 poems

Adult life

He wrote plays and poems


Wrote 15 plays and more than 150 poems


Famous actor, and playwright he left many different plays and poems that are read today.
William Shakespeare was a good man who had three children and a wife. He wrote many plays and poems, he also joined a group that would pay him more than before and it was a ply wright group.