Ancient Greece

By: Kennedy Nesler


My main three topics are about Ancient Greece. First I'll talk about Athens Rise to Power.Next I'll talk about The Slavery in Ancient Greece in those times.Last I'll talk about The daily Life in Greece at Ancient times. I hope you learn something Ancient you never knew.

Athens' Rise to Power

Athens rose to power makeing a fleet to destroy the Persians in 480 B.C. The Greeks had a bigger percent of knowledge than others. The artists there used to use their talents to win others likeing. The General was Pericles, in 460 B.C. Pericles passed in the

war of Peloponnesians.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

Two-Fifths of the people in Greece were slaves. The Slaves were chosen to extract silver to owners. Hundreds of people wanted wise slaves. Few were getting payed $$$ to pay for freedom. Treasures were given to owners.

Daily Life in the Age Pericles

The daily life was hard and harsh to few. Each person ate 2 meals per day. Hardly ever would you see females, working with chores. They didn't have any chimneys to warm the winters in Ancient times. Cold harsh winters warmed with bowls of coal.


All of that is just half of what I learned about Greece. Here is three things I'll point out to you. First off I'd like to say in the Daily Life they never got plumbing in the house as of modern days like we have.In the battles they'd take inmates and exchange for money or there money or the cash they had then at least. In the Slavery topic a few people said 4/5 were the ( workers) or slaves.


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