Using Google Calendar

Scheduling an IEP meeting at NMS

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Let's get organized!

The SpEd Cal is an organization tool for the MS SpEd team. It will be utilized for the MS SpEd Team for coordinating IEP / Evaluation Meetings and Team meetings. The MS SPED Cal will be for the Team to use and monitor.

Agenda: Settings - Views - Notifications - Creating Events

Let's get started!

  • Create an Event
  • Invite Others
  • Change event
  • Respond to an event

Create an Event

NOTE: The Default calendar is your email address

Click on a Day on the Calendar > Click Edit Event > Fill in Information for the Event

Title of Event - IEP - Case Manager

Where - Small Conference room, your room, or large conference room

Calendar - Choose the MS SPED CAL - otherwise it will default to your calendar

Description: Grade and Name of Student, Type of Meeting

SAVE the event

Click here for more help on creating events

Need an Administrator?

Email Jenn Henriksen -

She will check/schedule the Conference room and Michael's schedule. She will communicate via email confirmation/or conflict of the event with you.

If Michael is unable to attend the event, she will email an Administrator who is available, schedule with that person and communicate back to you. She will then schedule the Conference room for you, if needed.

Send Invitations

Invite those you want to the meeting and choose to send them an email. It is your responsibility to invite guests to attend. (Admin will be invited through Jenn)

The invited guests will get an email notification and the event will be on the MS SpEd Cal.

Anyone will be able to view the details of the event - the student name, those invited and those attending.

Those that have been Invited need to Respond - Yes - No or Maybe. The Responding can be done from the email Invitation or from clicking on the Details in the calendar.

When looking at the Details of an event, if the name

  • is BLACK - they are attending
  • is Grey - they haven't responded
  • has a strike through - they are unable to attend

Reference Video

Google Calendar Tutorial 2015 - Quick Start