Senior Walk

BPS will be hosting the 2016 Seniors, Wednesday, May 18 at 11:00 am.

This is a tradition that we hope to start and continue in the future. Below you will see a Senior Walk at a school in Texas. I can tell you that some seniors at BHS that are already excited about being able to walk through our halls in their caps and gowns! Think of the connection your A+ students will have with your classroom.

Just a couple of things to know.

  1. On that day please park on the second grade playground so there will be plenty of parking as the seniors leave BHS to come to BPS.
  2. Please have students lined-up in the hall ready to receive the seniors. Students are encouraged to high five. K may wish to have their students lining the hall similar to that of Oscar ceremonies.
  3. This is during K lunch time, but it will be bagged lunches that day. So, students will be in their classrooms.
  4. Share the excitement with your students before hand! They may not fully understand the significance now, but as future seniors they will get to have their own walk in just a few short years.