Drop-in Rodeo Beach Clean-up Day!

Give back to YOUR beach, and learn a bit about it too!

Volunteers and learners of all ages are welcome!

Rodeo Beach is full of natural wonders from the distinct array of rock-types in the sand to the endangered red-legged frog and tide water goby that inhabit the neighboring lagoon. Come learn about these wonders and give back by helping remove harmful micro-trash and marine debris!

Date & Time

Saturday, May 28th

10 am - 2 pm

Drop-in for 10 minutes to learn and pick up some trash, or stay for the entire 2 hours!

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For Information About Other Volunteer Programs in This Area Contact:

Tracy Neal

Volunteer-In-Parks Coordinator

Marin Maintenance Division

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Office Phone: (415) 289-1878