Friday 29th April

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Hi Everyone,

I know, I know, I wrote that Tuesday’s newsletter was enough for the week, yet here I am again. My apologies. The virus and a couple of other matters made it prudent to get back in touch.

The words of Thomas Merton make sense in this current climate - I hope you like them.

Have a good weekend. Stay safe and well.


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Covid Conversation Continued

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring we are doing everything we can to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to make our school as safe as possible. You will be aware that the State Government has eased public health and social measures.

A few points to note:

Our P&F Mothers Day morning Tea is not going to proceed. It is about keeping the risk down. We will be staging our school’s return to ‘normal’. Our Mothers Day Paraliturgy (prayer service) for children is going to be led over the P.A. System for all classes. Rest assured though that the children will be sharing with you the wonderful items and activities that they have been busy with. It has been fun to watch!

The revised measures will be reflected at our school as follows. A number of these are already in place:

  • Asymptomatic close contacts may attend school but must wear a mask when leaving home and Rat test daily

  • Symptomatic contacts must follow isolation protocols

  • If a close contact tests positive, they must isolate for a further 7 days as per arrangements for positive COVID-19 cases.

  • Scanning QR codes when entering the School Office is no longer required.

  • The mask mandate no longer applies to students in Primary Schools. However, should children decide to continue to wear them, they are welcome to do so.

  • Adults in primary school settings will be required to wear masks if social distancing is not possible. Many of our staff will continue to wear them.

  • Schools will no longer report to families, of close contacts or Covid positive cases within classrooms

  • WA Health is now the body that will provide information re Covid, not schools

  • Please contact WA Health for Covid advice not the school https://www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/coronavirus

  • School Assemblies, Band, Choir, and Interschool Activities will start to take place

  • P&F and SAC meetings can now take place on site but social distancing will apply. This means P&F meetings will be limited to 12 people in the staffroom and the rest online

  • Teacher/parent/carer meetings can take place after school on school grounds

  • Parents and Carers will not be able to enter classrooms at drop off or pick up times, however parent volunteers within classrooms are allowed - keep an eye out for requests from your child’s teacher

  • Children can return to playing together in their usual spaces.

  • Maintain good hygiene and use correct respiratory etiquette.

  • Look after yourself and your children, stay home if you are unwell and undertake a COVID-19 test if you develop symptoms.


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We hope you all had a wonderful break spending time with your families.

Holding a morning or afternoon tea to thank & celebrate the wonderful Mums, Grandmas, Nannas, Great Grans and the like in our community this Mothers' Day was what we had planned, however the timing just isn’t right. Whilst the plan has had to change our goal definitely has not - it will just look and be very different. We hope you can embrace the change at this time and see the gratitude & beauty in its replacement. It might be simple, but it will be honest and hopefully significant to you. Keep your eye out as we share in next week's newsletter and other communication channels 😊

As a positive spin to all the cancellations we’ve decided to combine our Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day and Sports carnival raffles into one - to be sold at our sports carnival mid September. Note this does not mean our Fathers' day function is cancelled (🤞🏻 It can go ahead)!

This enables us to come together as a community, to share & spoil the lucky winners - offering a significant major prize with hopefully a few minor prizes also to spread the joy ☺️ You’ve got to be in it to win it as they say!

We have again been invited by Loreto school to join in on their second empowering parent session ‘Building Childhood Resilience’. This one will be face to face held on the 10th May at 6pm in the Loreto Performing Arts Centre. The cost is $10 per person.

Can I please request that you offer the below program to your families.

The $10 cost is just to cover costs. To be held in the Loreto Performing Arts Centre.

  • Building Childhood Resilience – what is resilience and how do we help our children to develop more? Cover 10 top ways to build resilience in children.


Rebecca Watson, Verity Phoenix, Kara O'Sullivan & Ryleigh Stewart