Short & Long Term effects

of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs..

Alcohol Effects

Alcohol is a depressant which means it slows down your mind and body. It can impair you vision, effect your decision-making and reaction time. If you are driving while intoxicated you may get in a dangerous situation and not have time to react.

Short term effects (in general) :

-Slurred speech


-Poor concentration


-Increased urination

-Slow reflexes

-Poor vision

Passing out

-Possible death

Long Term effects of Alcohol

-Disruption of normal brain development

-Increased blood pressure

-Liver damage

-Male sperm production decreases

-Brain cells die


-Destroys organs


-Fetal alcohol syndrome in unborn child

Short term & Long term effects of Tobacco

Short-term: Increase in blood pressure, heart rate, imbalance in the demand of oxygen and blood flow to heart.

Long-term: Heart disease, cancer of lung, pharynx, etc. lung disease, reproductive damages such as abnormal sperm cells and miscarriages, unwanted weight loss, premature wrinkled skin and weakened immune system

Drug effects

Short term:

-blur vision

-change depth perception

-cause hallucinations

-raise or lower blood pressure

-cause one to react too slowly or too quickly

Long-term: Addiction, paranoia, seizures, cause death, drastic weight change and long-term insomnia