Cherokee Indians

By: Austin and Lauren

Cherokee Life

Where They Lived

The Cherokee Indians lived in what is now Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Cherokee Government

To begin with, the chief of the Cherokee tribe was John Ross. The Cherokee tribe is Nomadic. If they ever had a meeting or discussion it would normally be in the Council House, there was one in every village, it was the most important building in each village. In each village there were two chiefs, a red one and a white one. The red chief would take care of matters about war, and the white chief would take care of matters about peace. Only men could be chiefs and priests, but women could offer advice and then later on they could be a council member.

Villages, Warclubs, and Food

Cherokee Music

The Cherokee had many kinds and types of instruments but here are a couple... The Water Drum is an earthen pot or kettle with skin stretched over the top of it. The River Cane Flute had about six holes along it and was about one foot long. Their Trumpets were made from buffalo horns, long neck gourds, or the thigh of a crane. Last but not least, Turtle Shells were of course, made from turtle shells, they used these at ceremonies, the men held one rattle and turtle shell shackles were worn on the legs of women.

Excistence and Symbol

  • The Cherokee excisted from 1450- 1970
  • The Cherokee had a flag that resembled them

Now That's Random!

  • Largest out of five tribes to settle in the American Southeast portion of the country!
  • Cherokee comes from the word "Chelokee" which means "people of different speeches"!


The Cherokee lived in houses of mud and clay, the roofs were made of brush and river cane. In the winter time they had even smaller houses that the walls were made of mud and clay and the roofs were also made of mud and clay. Their houses were called lodges.They also made houses made of large logs.

Tools and Weapons

Some of the Cherokee weapons were spears, tomahawks, battle hammers, blow guns, and a axe type club. Some of the Cherokee tools were the axe, basket,and clay bowl.
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Animals Hunted

Some animals the Cherokee hunted were deer, elk, moose, turkey, wolfs, foxes, and bear.


The Cherokee had a medium sized population it was 308,132.

Cherokee clothing

The Cherokee clothing was made of bear, panther, buffalo, and calf skin and some of the clothes were called, moccasins, skirts, jewelry, and deer skin legging's.
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The Cherokee territory was about 250 miles eastward and 200 miles south.

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Some of the Cherokee jobs were the father hunted, mother cooked, toke care of the children and gathered fruits and vegetables, and children took care of grandparents.

Survival and War

Funny Fun Fact: The Cherokee strategy in war was to hit the person then they would all scatter in different directions.

Indian Music