The Tragic Hero

Wanted For

-For, along with other conspirators, assassinating Caesar by stabbing him about 900 times.

-Betraying Caesar


-He is the idealist, the dreamer, so universally respected that the conspirators seek him to help with their plan.

-Love of country, liberty, honor are his guiding principles.

-Idealistic, Self controlled and unpractical.


Brutus plays the role of a tragic hero through his noble standing, fatal flaw, and legacy. His fatal flaw is his trustworthy nature. Joined the conspiracy not because he loved Caesar less, but because he loved Rome more. He's not perfect but is truly a good person.
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Level of Concern

Unfortunately, Brutus died during the war against Antony as he ran into his own sword while Strato was holding it. Although he did wrong, he was the most noble man.