By: Gary Paulsen

Genre and Setting

This book is Realistic Fiction because it could happen in real life. The setting is at Kevin's house, Kevin's school, and a smoothie place a few weeks into school after summer.

Point of View

This book's point of view is 3rd Person Omniscient because it has each character's thoughts and feelings.

Problem and Solution

Kevin likes Tina. Kevin's problem is that a boy named Cash moves in and Cash also like's Tina. Cash does lots of things to keep Kevin and Tina apart. Kevin solves the problem by asking Tina out.


The theme of this book is follow your instincts because Kevin liked Tina but didn't have the courage to do it. Then a new kid named Cash came to school and Cash also liked Tina but Kevin followed his instinks because he new it was his destiny to ask Tina out.

Guaranteed to be funny and awesome!

Favorite Parts

My favorite part was when Kevin had to listen to his sister's ten rules of what not to do on date. He couldn't stand listening to all of the rules because they weren't really rules, just made up stuff. He would do whatever it took to get out of the room. At the right moment, he ran out of her room to his room and locked the door and sat in the corner farthest away from the door.

Meaningful Quotes from the Text

''Best most favorite buddy in the world.'' Which means they are REALLY good friends.

''I smelled love in the air.'' Which means there are people in the room that love each other.


Kevin is the main character and he is in love with a girl named Tina but he is afraid to tell her because he is afraid she will say no. The next day a new boy named Cash came and Cash also liked Tina. Kevin knew he had to act fast before Cash won her heart.

Before Kevin asked Tina out he wanted to experience a date himself so he set up a romantic dinner for his mom and dad to gain some experience. Kevin made spaghetti and meatballs with strawberries and cookies for dessert. Then when his parents opened the front door he hid in the closet and watched them. But things didn’t go so good. Kevin’s pet cat jumped in the bowl of spaghetti and when dad swiped his hand to get the cat on the floor he spilled the spaghetti on the floor and Kevin forgot his dad was allergic to strawberries so his dads face turned red and the kitchen started on fire because Kevin forgot to turn the stove off. Dad grabbed one of mom’s great grandma’s rags to put the fire out but the rag started on fire too. Then Kevin looked around at the big mess. His first date experience - not so good.

Then Kevin asked his sister who told him ten rules not to do around girls. He listened to 3 of the rules, then wished he never asked his sister. The rules are - 1. Don’t say, your hair looks good ‘‘ TODAY ’’ because they might think you think their hair looked horrible yesterday. 2. Don’t give her a love letter, a love poem, give her flowers, or serenade outside her window because she might think you are weird and creepy. 3. Don’t think farts are funny after kindergarten. Kevin didn’t wait another second and ran out of the room into his room and he locked his door. Date experience #2 was a failure too, but he wasn’t going to give up!

Date experience #3 was the first success. He had the hockey and figure skating team go on a date and he gained a little info. Date experience #4 was he set up Goober, who was on the hockey team but he didn’t have a date so Kevin set kim up with his neighbor Betsy. This date was a success too. Kevin was going to ask Tina out at a party, but does his hard work pay off?