History of the BarCode

October 20, 1949

After testing and testing codes such as Morse and UV ray light to get the bar to be scanned, they finally Silver finally found the perfect combinations, Morse code in long bars and thin and thick. They signed a patent. The first bar code scanner is built in 1951.
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April 3 1973

Industry leaders develop a standard for product identification. Universal Product Symbol is the first GS 1 bar code and is still in use today.
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June 26 1974

Uniform Code Council is established in the U.S. (UCC) this is a non profit organization. The first product to be scanned with a GS1 barcode was a pack of Wrigley's Gum in Ohio.
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The 13th digit allows the identification system to go global. The European Article Numbering association (EAN) becomes an international non-profit organization. The head office in Brussels, Belgium and the EAN has 12 founders in the organization from European countries and they make GS1 system to fix the efficiency of the food retail.
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GS1 is now seen in health care. The first bar code in healthcare is seen in the Healthcare Collaboration Project.
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GS 1 is present in 90 countries. Global Standards Movement Process (GSMP) is created. This gets the members of GS 1 together to discuss how to make the code more efficient for business.
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The GS 1 Data Matrix (the first two dimensional symbol by GS 1) is approved.

GS 1 changes its name to Business-to-Computer (B2C) for purchases on mobile devices.

The bar code has been around for 40 years as of 2013 and is in 111 countries.

Gs1 QR code developed.

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The barcode has had a major impact on the world in business because this changes how we purchase things in the store to be an automatic check out that records what you're buying and help keep people from stealing. This invention also makes it easy to buy things online.

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