American Dream 1930's

The Dream

The american dream in the 30's is more scaled down then the 20's dream. In the 1920's the dream was focused on money and riches, in the 30's is focused on stability and employment. This time was during the great depression and unemployment was up to 20% so most people just wanted to be self sufficient and avoid poverty.

The Great Depression

The stock market crash of 1929 was the biggest influence of the american dream changing for a lavish lifestyle to more of a realistic goal. Back then most of the backs were uninsured and the unemployed didn't get compensation. So when people stopped earning money they stopped spending it and the economy went to a halt.

" Living a better life then the previous generation"

Everyone wanted the ideal lifestyle which consisted of owning land, having a house and having the opportunity to make individual choices like religion, race, class, or ethnic groups.


During this time people didn't much money to spare so they didn't really go out to spend money on luxurious nights. most of their entertainment came from radio broadcasts since it was free. Also people kept going to the movies to see musicals or comedies to escape from the reality of the 1930's.

President Herbert Hoover- 1930

"Patience and self-reliance, is all Americans need to get them through this passing incident in our national lives.”

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt- 1932

Pledged to use the federal government to make americans lives better. Over the next 8 years he was in office through his plan the "New Deal" it helped the Depression and gave safety to many suffering americans.