8th Grade Judaica

Adat Chaverim

Hilary Shouse

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This Sunday April 22 we are running the program we created for our 6th graders. I know the kids are super excited (and maybe a bit nervous) about their first foray into the Maharnic world of interacting with younger students.

All I can say is that I am so incredibly PROUD of their hard work, creativity and dedication.

Thanks for all of you who donated supplies and were available to shlep to Adat Saturday night so we could prepare. I ( and the kids) really appreciate your support.

Sunday the 29th is our last day in the building for the year.

** We are going to make it special by having breakfast at McDonalds (we will walk over there rain or shine). Please send $$ with your kiddo so they can nosh. We will be doing our "icebreaker" there.

NOTE: the management has requested in the past that I not allow the students on the play equipment. Also, it is rare that students get to go out like this as a group and it is imperative that we behave like mature 8th graders. Poor behavior in public is a reflection on the Adat Chaverim community and McDonald's is our neighbor. We want to present our best selves while still enjoying the experience.

2 more Sundays left!

Dates to remeber:

  • April 22 8th graders run a program for 6th graders

We will be meeting on Saturday evening 6:30-8 pm at Adat to have pizza, visit and set up for the following morning. Please contact me if your child CAN attend Friday night so we know how much pizza to order. The cost of pizza and a drink will be $3.

(Sign Up Genius for supplies. A Remind for the set up "party" went out 4/20. Thank you in advance)

  • April 29 last day of Hebrew in the building.
  • May 6th Last day of school/ School at the Park:
  1. 9-9:30 - arrival and play at playground
  2. 9:30 - 10 - kids with their teachers, parents with rabbi
  3. 10-11:30 - Maccabia & song session. The Maccabia games are:
    1. Jewpardy
    2. Sack races to baby pools filled with shaving cream and alephbet letters. kids need to hop down, grab a letter, hop back and put it in the right place
    3. Scavenger hunt
  4. 11:30 - 12:00 - lunch
  5. 12:00 - kids vs. adult kickball game.
  6. Valerie will divide the Maccabia teams by April 29th so the you will know what color to wear to the picnic.