8th Grade Judaica

Adat Chaverim

Hilary Shouse

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Lots of good things going on in our 8th grade class.

We have started our unit covering the Holocaust and I am in the process of scheduling a class visit the the Holocaust museum in Dallas. As soon as I have a date nailed down, I will get back to you and politely ask for parent chaperones/drivers.

We are also going to be working on Macharnick training. This will in the form of:

  • helping with the recycling program
  • planning a mini program for 6th grade
  • shadowing/buddying with a Macharnick to see how the program works
  • Having Limud time with the Rabbi (Rescheduled to a date in April TBD)


  1. There will be candy to win at each carnival game, but that is not the main prize. When you enter on Sunday, you will see a bunch of gift baskets in the lobby (like we used to do for Hanukkah). Our students will win raffle tickets at the carnival games which they will WRITE THEIR NAMES on and put their tickets in the boxes by the baskets they would like to win. We will draw a winner for each basket. Students will get one ticket and they will be able to win more at the carnival games.
  2. The kids will each get one bag of popcorn and one cone of cotton candy for free (we will mark their hands). After that if they want more they will need to pay for it. THERE WILL ALSO BE HOT DOGS FOR SALE. PLEASE SEND THEM WITH $$
  3. Extra tickets will be available for purchase (1 for $1, 6 for $5) in the social hall.

Dates to remeber:

  • 2/25 Purim Carnival ( Costumes encouraged) & Purim Shpiel
The basic schedule for that Sunday will be:

    1. 9-9:30 - Students in classroom
    2. 9:30 - 10:30 - Purim shpiel in sanctuary
    3. 10:30 - 1 - Purim Carnival.

  • 2/28 Weds.
6:00 - 6:40 - Congregational dinner
6:40 - 7 - Megillah reading
7:00 - Purim Shpiel - High School Megillah
Hamentashen following the shpiel
At the Purim carnival this year, instead of handing out little chachkies as prizes, we will be handing out tickets that the kids can use to possibly win really cool baskets and prizes. If you would like to donate something, like a gift of time or items, that would be wonderful. Here is the link to sign up to help stock our carnival prizes: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c49aaaa29a2f49-purim1/25738989

  • March 11-18 Spring Break NO CLASSES