Kellom Early Childhood

Weekly News: February 13th - 24th

Coaching Notes

This will be a busy week with our Friendship parties, LCCNO Librarian, Circus, and Jonathan will be here on 17th. Try and take a breathe between all the craziness.

Fun Times with the Ball Study!

April is working on the Ball Study and had a great idea that I thought the team would enjoy. April took a variety of balls (beach, football, balls with bumps, soccer, etc...) out to the top of the ramp in the hallway. They had a discussion about what would happen when they rolled the ball down the ramp. "Tell me about your ball". "How is it rolling?" "Lets listen to the ball as it rolls". Of course, they had to end the learning with rolling their bodies down the ramp. They made their bodies into a sphere and saw who rolled the fastest. Check out the fun hands on learning......

Calendar of Events:

February 13th: Kellom Staff meeting

February 14th: Friendship parties

February 16th: LCCNO Librarian and Circus

February 17th: Jonathan will be here all day

February 20th: No School: Enjoy your day off!

February 21st: EC Plan Day / Paras PD with Jonathan

February 22nd: Teachers PD with Jonathan

February 23rd: Jillian, Greta, and Michelle will be visiting classrooms

February 24th: I have a meeting in the morning

Lindsey and I will be out of town the 15th, 16th, and 17th of February.