Causes of World War 1

Nate Middendorf

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Militarism is were every country wanted to lead with the biggest and the best quality of military to everyone would want to be allies and not mess with them.

Entangled Alliances

Allies going into WW1 was crazy. Everyone had been supporting everyone in some way from supplying people that were alies with the enemy's of the supplier. Many of the people just joined to equal out the power of each side.


This made one country become superior over other countries. This is sort like the difference of big dog to little dog usally choosen by size of army.


Terrortorial power and a surplus of natural resources. Africa was a big one!

Assassination of Archduke Franz F.

He was assassinated by

Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, Bosnia. He was the next to take control of Austria Hungry

The Biggest cause in my opinion!

Militarism. This was like waving a dog a bone made of meat and not trying to get him to eat is. It just seems like is had a better explanation on why it caused the war. Talk softly but carry a big stick! Most of this countries were talk loud and carry a AR-15.