3D Printing

By Will Gately

3D Printing Will Change the World Forever

3D Printing is in everyone's minds these days. The 3D printer seems so modern but actually, it was invented by Charles Hull in 1984. The printers will change the lives of our generation.

How Can It Change Our Generation?

The average person goes to the store to buy clothing or necessaries for their homes. With 3D printing, shopping will never be the same. People will put an image of what they want into their computer and the 3D printer will do the rest. Soon, everyone will be wearing 3D printed fashion. Besides the fashion field, the printers will help with the medical field. New prosthetics and organs for medical patients. That's not all, NASA astronauts are using 3D printers to print tools to adjust their technology. What bad could it possibly do?

3D Printed Objects

3D Printing Time Lapse Photography - Yoda

3D Printing Day

Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 12am

This is an online event.