Mechanical Enigineering

Brandon Williams

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the engineering profession in which an engineer must develop a product, design that product and oversee its production within the company. These engineers are tasked with creating complex pieces to an overall product. I would like to be a mechanical engineer because I am creative and have no problem understanding how many parts can all connect and work together to achieve one outcome.

In a Typical Day

A Typical Day for a mechanical engineer is held in a traditional office setting. Most mechanical engineers also work in group settings; most days, a mechanical engineer must discus a certain product whether, to improve or fix a faulty part/function, or the process of which it is produced. Much of a mechanical engineer's time is taken by designing and creating the object they have been tasked with.

Mechanical Engineer's Salary

Most mechanical engineers make a starting salary of around $52,000, this number grows depending on how educated you are and how high of a position you hold within whatever company you may work for.

Level of Education Needed

The bare minimum level of education needed to become a mechanical engineer is a bachelors degree, however, higher ranking roles within the field of mechanical engineering can be reached by getting a masters degree.