Isabella's colony

"come and grow in texas"

Top 5 reasons to colonize Texas

  1. More land than you can imagine
  2. At a price you can afford
  3. Plush fields to grow crops
  4. Vast plains to raise cattle
  5. No harsh winters in south Texas

Low cost land

Have you ever dreamed of having so much land that you couldn't see the end of your property? If you have, then your dreams can come true in Texas. We have an abundance of land available to you all for the low cost of 12.5 cents an acre. Come settle on this amazing frontier.

Rich soil for growing crops

"The soil and climate are best adapted to the growth of Cotton, Sugar, Corn, and potatoes which grow very luxuriantly. Fruit peculiar to this climate or latitude can be raised without any difficulty--the peach, pear, plumb, fig, grape, pomegranite, quince, apricot, orange, lemon, banana are at present growing in the colony and I am informed do remarkably well--for melons, pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers, and all vines it surpasses any country I ever saw--you have but to plant them and you have almost a certainty of a plentiful harvest." - Stephen F. Austin

A cattlemans paradise

  • Huge areas of land to stock and raise cattle
  • Become part of a growing ranching industry
  • Make lots of money as a Texas longhorn cattleman
  • Participate in cattle drives that will become legendary
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