Mystery Hostess Party

C & A Lockets presents

Come and have some fun

If you have been wanting to host a party but can't find the time for whatever reason. Do we have the perfect party for you... Our mystery hostess party.

This is you chance to potential earn hostess rewards just for doing a few things (we will get to that soon).

Mystery Hostess Jewelry Bar

Wednesday, June 24th, 4pm

1245 Mayfair Ct

Sudbury, ON

How this works:

Your name will be entered into a draw for doing one or more of the following things:

  • Coming to the jewelry - 1 entry
  • Bringing a friend with you (who hasn't already been invited by one of us) - 2 entries
  • Your friend places an order with us - 2 entries
  • Book a jewelry bar with us - 3 entries
  • Place an order with us earn 2 entries for the first $50 and 1 entry for every $10 after
  • Sign up for our monthly news letter - 1 entry

What the lucky guest will WIN!!

  • Up to $300 + in FREE jewelry
  • The Current Hostess Exclusive, it will be at least 25% off but it could be FREE!

We will also have a few draws for 50% items

** Mystery Hostess rewards and 50% items will be depending on sales, the same as any regular jewelry bar: 4 orders equaling $250.00 **

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