Morris 2nd Grade News

Week of 9/22/14 - 9/26/14

This week's schedule

Monday: Music
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Music
Friday: 0 day

Dates to Remember

Early Release: 9/26
Fall Break: 10/10 - 10/17



Our phonics rule this week has words ending in -ge and -dge.
Words ending in -dge will have a short vowel sound before the -dge. Words ending in -ge will have a long vowel. Please be sure to practice the rule and not just the memorization of words. The application words on the test are more important than the 8 list words because we are really looking to see if the student is applying the phonics rules.
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Stage 4: The Adult

Students have used their body to go through all four stages of a butterfly life. They will now create a non-fiction book to describe the 4 stages. They will need to use text features, write a paragraph for each stage, edit and revise, and create a final copy.


Learning about life cycles

This week students will read about different animal life cycles and compare and contrast them. They will also learn about adult animals and identify their offspring. While reading these non-fiction books, they will use non-fiction text features to help them understand what they are reading better.


compare: describe how two things are alike
pupa: stage in an insects life right before it becomes an adult
metamorphosis: series of changes in appearance that some animals go through
contrast: describe how two things are different


We are a little ahead in Math for the quarter so we are going to spend a few extra days working on performance problems since most students struggled with this on the Topic 3 Math test. I will better prepare them to answer these type of questions and will most likely re-administer the performance part of the Topic 3 test. A way that you can help at home is by presenting multi step stories and having your child answer them along the way. An example might be to have 3 different types of cups available and have them choose a certain amount of each one for a total of 14 cups (step 1). Have them then subtract the number of cups they chose from each type of cup (making 3 different subtraction sentences) (Step 2). Ah oh...some glasses broke. How many more glasses do you need to buy to get back to 14 cups in all? (step 3).


The homework and fluency packet are due on FRIDAY! Some students are doing the packet, but not the fluency passage. The fluency passage is very important! Please be sure to complete the reading log as this is how I track books for the 100 book club. Please indicate pages or chapter numbers if a whole book isn't read. Don't forget to complete book reports! We will be learning some fun ways to complete book reports with technology!

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