In The Beginning

The Study of Genetics

Genetics is the branch of biology that studies heredity.  Gregor Mendel was an Austrian monk who discovered this study. He did this through studying pea plants that reproduce sexually which means they produce male and female sex cells called gametes.

Dominant - observed trait of an organism that masks the recessive form of a trait. Recessive - Trait of an organism that can be masked by the dominant form of a trait.  Heterozygous- when there are two different alleles for a trait(Tt)  Homozygous- when there are two of the same alleles for a trait (TT) (tt)  Genotype- the combination of genes in an organism Phenotype- outward appearance of an organism regardless of its genes.

Multiple Alleles

the presence of more that two alleles for gentetic trait. they determine skin color, hair color eye has more than two traits but only uses two

Sex linked traits

traits controlled by genes located on sex chromosomes.   deteremination of sex come from the father/male parent.  X come from mother/female father will give x or y.             XX= female XY= male