Callan lapinskas

Typing Web

1 Every day we did a 5 minute warm up on typing web.

2 If we completed a lesson we would go to the next lesson or the next course.

3 When we completed the intermediate course you went to the advanced course.


1 In iTrailer we made a trailer about ourselves and what we do.

2 After we made our iTrailers we shared them with the rest of the class.

3 Mine was about me and my dog and what we do.

Career Locker

1 In Career Locker we did assessments about how we learn.

2 Also we learned how we learn and did more assessments on our dream job and see if our interests and skills match with our dream job.

3 My dream job is a veterinarian and in the tests it showed I match with an astronaut.

Haiku Deck

1 In Haiku Deck we did a presentation about our dream job.

2 My dream job was a veterinarian.

3 Haiku Deck is a fun website were you make notes for a presentation.

Explain Everything

1 We did a math problem in explain everything.

2 I did a math problem about lbs and how much would be left if you did something to it.

3 In Explain Everything we talk and draw and it records us.

Hour of Code

1 We did a week of hour of code.

2 In hour of code we learned how to code and program.

3 I played fun games where you go through a dungeon beating monster by programming them to attack.

Email Etiquette

1 In Email Etiquette we learned how to properly send a email.

2 I sent a proper email about how I was not at school and I was wondering what the homework was.

3 We saw examples of good emails and bad emails.