The diary of Anne Frank

Author: Anne Frank Translated by Eleanor Roosevelt

Who is who?

Anne Frank

Born: June 12 , 1929

In hiding: 13 - 15 years old

Died: March 1945

Anne is Otto and Edith's daughter and Margot's sister.

Ottto Frank

Born: May 12 , 1889

In hiding: 42 - 44 years old

Died: August 1980

Otto is Anne and Margot's father and Edith's husband.

Edith Frank

Born: January 16 , 1900

In hiding: 42 - 44 years old

Died: January 6 , 1945

Edith is Anne and Margot's mother and Otto's wife.

Margot Frank

Born: February 16 , 1926

In hiding: 16 - 18 years old

Died: March 1945

Margot is Otto and Edith's daughter and Anne's sister.

Hermann van Pels

Born: March 31 , 1898

In hiding: 44-46 years old

Died: September 1994

Peter van Pels

Born: November 8 , 1926

In hiding: 15 - 17 years old

died: May 5 , 1945

Auguste van Pels

Born: September 29 , 1900

In hiding: 41 - 43 years old

died: April / May 1945

Fritz Pfeffer

Born: April 30 , 1889

In hiding: 43 - 45 years old

died: December 20 , 1944

Anne's history


Jews face increasing danger in Germany. In March 1933 , when Anne is four years old , her parents decide to move to the Netherlands.


In May 1940 the Netherlands is occupied and there are big changes for the Frank family. When Margot receives a call-up for a German work camp on July 5 , 1942. Otto and Edith decide the dangers have become to great. They take their family into hiding.


As well as the Frank family there are four other jews in the secret annex: the Van Pels , and Fritx Pfeffer.

1942 - 1944

Anne Frank starts keeping a diary from he thirteenth birthday. She takes to the hiding place. Anne enters the secret annex as a girl , but grows into a young woman there. She spends more time thinking about life, and records her thoughts in her diary.


On August 1944 , everyone in the secret annex is arrested. Someone betrayed them. They all got moved to concentration camps. Otto is the only one that survives. The others die. The betrayer has never been established.


After the arrest , Miep had found Anne's diary and kept it in a safe place. When Otto returned she gave it to him and said '' This is your daughters legacy.'' Soon afterwards Anne's diary was published.

Do I recommend this book?

Yes I recommend this book because its a very good book. Its about a thirteen year old that goes threw a lot you will never experience I your life. Do you like to learn about history? If you do you should read this you might learn a lot.