Carbon FootPrint Questions

Austin Gilyard

What is an ecological footprint?

Your amount of carbon emissions you let into the atmosphere.

State 5 factors affecting ecological footprint calculations in the simulation you used.

How many people live in your house, How much you drive in a year, How many times you fly in a year, what you recycle, what your food and diet is.

Compare your carbon footprint to the national and world averages.

Mine is lower than the U.S. and higher than the world average.

what if you lived in the massachusetts scenario?

My carbon footprint would decrease because I would walk instead of drive and my house would be smaller.

which factors have the biggest effect on your carbon footprint

Home energy has the biggest effect on my carbon footprint because it's where you are most of the time.

Three activities you could do to reduce your emissions of green house gases.

I could unplug unused devices, recycle wasted material, and catch a ride with a friend(carpool)

One pro and con of changes.

use less gas by carpooling but I might not like or know the person.

reuse the plastic bottles and put refrigerator water in it but refrigerator water doesn't taste as good as bottled water.

unplugging unused devices would lower electricity use but it might take a long time to plug it back in.

Short term and Long term effects

what fact about climate change surprised you the most, and why?

that climate change could help agriculture for a short time. this surprised me because I thought climate change wasn't good.