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November 17, 2013

Out of this World 2nd Grade Research

All second graders are participating in a short research project that integrates informative paragraph writing with their science kit--Sun, Moon, and Stars. They are using the PebbleGo subscription database and nonfiction books for their information. Some classes are creating a PowerPoint to electronically publish their paragraph.

Use Kerpoof to Encourage Writing about Thanksgiving


This site would make a great writing center with a couple of different backgrounds to motivate students to write about Thanksgiving. If you would like them to come and write in the library, sign up for a session.

Nocturnal Animals in Kindergarten

Students in Kindergarten have been learning about fiction and nonfiction with a focus on nocturnal animals. We have used Scholastic's Bookflix and the books When Night Comes and I'm Not Scared!

You will be able to spend money on iPad apps soon. If you need help selecting ones that would be good for your grade level, I have lots of review sources that may help you. In the meantime, try out the apps below. Most of them are free!

23 iPad Alternatives to a Book Report


Some wonderful, motivating ideas here!

Whiteboard Lite


Two students in different classrooms on the same wifi can collaborate. Think of the possibilities….

Funny Movie Maker


Sure this is fun and funny, but consider the learning students could communicate with this app!