January 2015


Hopefully everyone had a fantastic winter break. As I have been telling my students, we are now in "crunch" time! The kids and I are working hard to prepare for the infamous upcoming ISTEP test. I cannot stress enough how important attendance is during the next several weeks. I will be introducing many new and important concepts that will be vital to your child's success on the ISTEP test.

We are working on the Lifelines of Courage and Effort during the month of January. Mr. Hopkins read a book about Rosa Parks to help the students understand what courage really means. Later in the month, we will have another teacher in the building visit our classroom to read a book introducing the lifeline of effort. Please take a few minutes to discuss these lifelines with your child.

Please continue to check your child's progress by logging in to Harmony. This is a great tool to keep you informed of their academic progress. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

As always, continue to read and work on math facts with your child daily. Studies confirm that spending even a few minutes on these activities each day increase your child's vocabulary and math computation.

This semester will be full of fun and educational activities and events. I will try to keep you updated , as these activities draw closer. I have included a list of some of the upcoming events for January.

  • Monday, (1/19)--Martin Luther King, Jr. Day--NO SCHOOL
  • Thursday, (1/22)--PTO Meeting @ 7:00 p