Child Protection Services (CPS)

By: Tyonna Russ

What is CPS?

CPS is a system that takes kids that are in a home that is treating them wrong and place them in a better home to get them from the danger in the home or from a dangerous person. This makes the children think they are going into good hands and will never get treated badly as long as they are in CPS care.

Sometimes parents get called on by an outsider that have the feeling the parents are treating the children badly so they call CPS hotline and let them know what makes them think the children is in danger. If the CPS system think it's a good enough excuse to go see they will go and investigate the situation. If the information comes out true then they remove the children from the house immediately depending on how bad the situation is. Then the parent(s) have a change to get the children back or if they cannot fix themselves before a time to get observed again then their kids get taken for good. Some children stay in the CPS system not because their parents are bad it could be millions of reason they are in the system some children parents end up passing and have no family to take them in.


CPS workers work 8-5 Monday through Friday.


Some people have questions like "do most children in CPS system have issues?"

Most kids from CPS have emotional issues and abandonment issues from feeling neglected from their parents that gave them up. It takes CPS kids longer to open up to their new home and parents but nothing is physically wrong with the kids in the system they just have hard time with emotional things.

Personality requirements

You have to be flexible with hours and clients

Always maintaining professionalism in hostile situations.


Ability to work efficiently while being mobile and punctual.

Education requirements

You have to have your bachelors degree to become a CPS worker then once you are done with college you have to go back into school for an extra year to fully be done to officially become a CPS worker.

Salary information

They get $43,000-$64,000.
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